Card Merchant Easter Egg Hunt

by Card Merchant NZ

***Update: Our Easter Egg Hunt has now concluded! Make sure you check out our Facebook Page to see who our winner is!

Welcome to Card Merchant's Easter Egg Hunt!

 Can you find all of the Easter Eggs on our website?

Search through our website to see how many easter eggs you can find hidden in the product images, descriptions, or just about anywhere else, to go int he draw to win the prize pack below. 

There will be a new post daily on our Facebook Page with a Hint about where to find the sneaky ones!

For an image that you see multiple times (such as the picture above), just count the eggs once! 

Once you think you have found all of the Eggs comment on our post on our Facebook Page with the number you think we have! But don't worry, if you find more later you can always comment on our Daily Hint with your new guess!

How it works:
1 Entry Per Day for making your Guess!*
1 Extra Entry if you Guess Correctly
1 Entry Per Day for Tagging a Mate to join the Hunt!
1 Entry for Sharing the Facebook Post.

Entries will close on Sunday, and the winner will be contacted through Facebook!

You have already found 4! Now go find the rest!

Ioteba J Ioteba

12 !
That’s all I can count on mobile when i open the site

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