Events! Events! Events!

by Card Merchant NZ

Now that it is confirmed that we will be at level 1 from Wednesday Evening we are happy to get our events back up and running in full swing. 


We will be looking at running some bigger events soon so make sure you check Facebook for details!

Thanks to your feedback we will also be introducing a new Rewards Stamp Card for Events!  This will be in shops soon so make sure you stop by our events and grab yours.


For all of our event the time listed is Start time, please 30 minutes early to Register. 


Weekly at Takapuna

Wednesday - MTG: Causal Commander at 6:30pm 

Thursday - Flesh and Blood Blitz at 6:30pm

Friday - MTG: FNM at 6:30pm

Sunday - Kids Pokemon Hobby League at 11am

             - MTG: Standard Showdown at 2pm


Weekly at West City

Wednesday - Flesh and Blood at 7:00pm 

Thursday - MTG: Casual Commander at 6:30pm

Friday - MTG: Commander League at 6pm, FNM at 6:30 and Yu-Gi-Oh Hobby at 6:30pm

Sunday - MTG: Standard Showdown at 12:30pm


Check out all of our events here.


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