Sanity Savers for Lockdown

by Card Merchant NZ

Hi everyone!

We're in some pretty new territory as a country and it's times like these we must all come together to support one another. The team here at Card Merchant want to continue to bring enjoyment and fun to your lives so we will be putting together a bunch of activities to keep you entertained. 

Our staff will be making quizzes, activities, tournaments and more to keep you entertained, which will be listed below. Check back every couple of days for more activities and resources. We'll aim to make the majority of these free but will also let you know about some low-cost entertainment that's available too!


Card Merchant Discord
Keep in touch! We've set up a discord for all our players to keep in touch and discuss their favourite games. Come join us here:

Pokemon Quiz - Week 1
We've made a quick quiz! Test your pokemon knowledge and comment on our Facebook post with a screenshot of your score and you go in the draw to win some vouchers and discounts! Ends 5th April. Find the quiz here: 
A new quiz will be coming in week 2!

Board Games
Check out our boredom busters for our board game range in our blog here.

Pokemon Activity Sheets
If you're looking for a bunch of colouring in pages, mazes, trivia, spot the differences and heaps more, the Pokemon website has heaps of these available to download and print for free. You can find them all on their official website here.

Online Magic: the Gathering
If you're missing your fix of MTG, you can play online at Magic Arena here. Make sure you join our discord (link above) to set up some matches for yourself too!

Online Yu-Gi-Oh
The best free-to-play online Yu-Gi-Oh software is probably YGO Pro, which you can find here. If you're wanting to play some games against other local players, just join our discord (link above) and see who's available to play!

Online Pokemon
Pokemon Trading Card Game Online (PTCGO) is the official software for Pokemon online. You can get started with some free decks and play against others. You can find it here. Remember to join our discord (link above) to find players who would be keen to battle!

D&D Quiz
Test your D&D knowledge with our D&D quiz, which you can find here!

Pokemon Quiz - Week 2
Aced the first test? Or need to show your skills? We've put together another Pokemon quiz to show off your Pokemon knowledge! Take the quiz here.

Board Game Quiz
Consider yourself a Board Game fan? Give our board game quiz a go and see how much you know! You might even find out about a game or two you haven't seen before... Take the quiz here

Magic: the Gathering Quiz
Test out our MTG knowledge with our MTG quiz here!

Yu-Gi-Oh Quiz
Are you the top duelist in the land? Test your knowledge with our Yu-Gi-Oh quiz here!

Pokemon Quiz - Week 3
Find last weeks quiz too easy? We've stepped it up with this weeks one! Test if you're the ultimate Pokemon Master with the week 3 quiz here!

WestCity MTG Facebook Group
Stay in touch with all the players here!

WestCity Yu-Gi-Oh Facebook Group
Keep in touch with your fellow Yugioh players on the group here!

Glenfield MTG Facebook Group
Keep up with the Glenfield players in the group here! Plus all the info on events here.

Takapuna Facebook Group
Keep up with the people from Takapuna (and plenty of toastie memes!) here.

Pokemon Quiz - Week 4
Another chance to show off your Pokemon knowledge! Take the week 4 test here.

Make sure you check back in a couple of days when we've posted more awesome activities to keep you entertained!


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