Games and Chill - Winter Board Game Ideas!

by Card Merchant NZ

As we settle into winter here are some great board games for you, your friends and your family!


Kids Games

We have a large range of games to keep kids busy this winter!  

Penguin Trap and Igloo Mania are fun dexterity based games where kids try to remove pieces without making the structure fall!  These are great short games that are easy to set up and play again and again!

Zoo Run is a great game for younger kids, with cooperative and competitie options!  For ages 4+ you work together to free the animals by creating animal matches.  And for ages 6+ you use your animal matching prowess to race against each other.   

Check out more here.


Family Games

Looking for games to play all together?  Here's what we suggest!

Heist is a new cooperative game, where you work with your team to break into the safe!  A quick paced game where you move items, grab money and press buttons with the goal of getting all of the money and cracking the safe!  There are 5 levels to choose from and a 6th level you can unlock after perfectly completing level 5!

Munchkin is an award winning card game which will let you and your family compete as you fight your way through a dungeon, level up your characters and collect loot!  While the original has awesome art, there are also many versions of the game based on your favourite movies and shows.

Mysterium is a who-dunnit game for ages 10+, and 2-7 players so is a great game for all the family to play!  This game combines the murder mystery aspects of cluedo with the picture clue style of Dixit to create a unique and fun game with beautiful illustrations. 


Strategy Games

With darker and colder nights, winter is the perfect time to sit down and settle in to your favourite strategy board games!

Coup is based on deception, deduction, manipulation and influence.  Can you make it so that you one on top?  Or will you fall prey to someone else's power!

Dominion is a classic strategy game, where you are competing to expand and improve your kingdom!  Build you deck up throughout the game to get more and more resources to expand your kingdom with!  

Ecosystem is a quick tile placement strategy game, where the goal is to create the best Ecosystem.  Get points by aligning the cards so that the animals are in the environment where they most flourish!

Check out more here.


Escape Room Games

We love our escape room games and we think you will too!  We have a wide range of options for different ages and difficulty levels, but no matter which you choose, they are great for an afternoon testing your skills with friends and family!

See our range here.

And if you enjoy these but are looking for something a bit longer, KOSMOS Adventure Games let you explore a building and solve a mystery from the comfort of you own home, with 3 chapters and a simple way to pause the game and come back to it later!


Party Games

Planning a mid-winter Christmas?  Here are some must have party games to keep you all laughing!

Trial by Trolley is the latest game out by Cyanide and Happiness.  In it you and your friends have to face serious philosophical questions (and jokes)! Would you choose to save the plant that can end world hunger?  Or would you save the Batmobile?  Build the best option to try and make the trolley driver save your track, and sabotage your opposition on the way!

Llamas Unleashed is an Unstable Unicorns Game!  Compete against your friends to get 7 animals into your field before anyone else!  Who can resist the cute fluffy animals and the chance to sabotage your opponents cards!

Secret Hitler is a classic mafia style game with a twist!  Try to figure out who is liberal, who is fascist and make sure you don't vote "Hitler" in as chancellor.  Do your best to defend the free world and begin to doubt what you know about your friends!  For 5-10 players this is a great game for get togethers with friends!

Check out more here.


Dungeons and Dragons

Whether your just starting out on your adventure or are halfway through a campaign, we have heaps of D&D Books, Minis and Dice to keep you stocked up over winter!  

Check out the range here.


Trading Card Games

As always, we have our great range of your favourite TCGs!  Winter is a great time to get into a new TCG or to hold some family tournaments!  We have all you need to get started with Pokemon, Magic: the Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh


We hope you all have a safe and warm winter!


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