Fates Collide Booster Pack

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    Fates Collide Booster Pack. 10 cards (+1 online card) per pack.

    This is a great set that contains cards such as:

    • Glaceon EX
    • Alakazam EX and Mega Alakazam EX
    • Regirock EX
    • Zygarde EX
    • Umbreon EX
    • Genesect EX
    • Altaria EX and Mega Altaria EX
    • Diancie EX
    • Kingdra EX
    • Altaria EX and Mega Altaria EX
    • Audino EX and Mega Audino EX

    No card is guaranteed in a booster or box but these are some of the great cards you could get!

    - $7.00

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