Lycanroc and Raichu Trainer Kit

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    Lycanroc and Raichu trainer kit comes with:

    • 2x 30 card decks, each with a special foil card
    • Booklet to help you learn the game
    • 2-player playmat with tips and rules
    • Damage counters
    • Poison and burn counters
    • A special coin
    • A deck box to keep your cards in
    • A code card so you can play the deck online

    This can be used as two mini decks, or can be combined to play as one full deck. Perfect to learn how to play and perfect if siblings or friends want to learn together as you get 2 mini decks for the same price as a regular theme deck!

    Symbols on the bottom of the card help you to know which deck they come from, if they ever get mixed up.

    Ready to play straight out of the box. Perfect for any Pokemon lover!

    - $24.00

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