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WPNQ Pre-Registration

WPNQ Pre-Registration

$50.00 $60.00

Pre-registration for the Card Merchant WPNQ tournament to be run on 23rd Novemver at Card Merchant WestCity

Please email your DCI to or leave in the comments section of your order.  

Terms and conditions:
Free return flights are to Nagoya, Japan and are for the purpose of attending the Players Tour on 1st-2nd February. Card Merchant Ltd will arrange flights the week following the event based on the players requests and put on 48 hour hold with flight center. Flights will need to include the weekend of the Players's Tour and can be up to 2 weeks duration.

Flight details will be sent to winning player to confirm within 48 hours. If flights are not confirmed a travel credit will instead be issued to winning player for the amount of the flights that were put on hold.

It will then be up to winning player to arrange their own flights of which Card Merchant Ltd will pay the flights cost up to a maximum sum of the credit issued.
If the winning player decides not to attend the event or take the travel then Card Merchant Ltd will award a cash payout of $1,000.00 into the nominated players bank account.

The maximum flight budget to be paid for by Card Merchant Ltd will be set at $1,500.00 any additional will need to be covered by the player.

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