Steam Siege 3-Pack Blister Product Review

by Card Merchant NZ

Today we will have a look at the new 3-pack blisters that came out with Steam Siege. There is one with Azelf and one with Rayquaza.

Each of these comes with 3 Steam Siege booster packs, a promo (either Azelf or Rayquaza) and a coin. These are good for players getting into the game as it gives you the coin if you don't have one yet and you can also grab one with a promo that will help out your deck.

Which one's better?

Azelf seems to be the more versatile promo. If you're using anything in your deck that spreads damage (such as Gengar), you can send out Azelf and add 2 damage counters to each Pokemon each turn. Azelf is also a basic and only takes one energy to power up the first move, meaning it is very quick to set up. The only problems with this card is that it has low HP and does no damage if no Pokemon have any damage on them, which means it's not very good if it's your starting Pokemon.

Rayquaza does still have its uses though! If you're running a dragon deck and have plenty of Double Dragon Energy in your deck, you can start doing 120 damage pretty quickly. Rayquaza also has more health than Azelf, meaning it will last a little longer in battle.


What's an alternative product?

If you're not a huge fan of either of the promos but still want a coin, the 1-pack blister packs may be a better choice because they still come with a promo and coin but only have one booster pack so are cheaper.

If you're not after promos or coins and are looking more for EXs, if you have a large budget, you could get one of the Red and Blue Collection Boxes and guarantee yourself an EX, or if you have a slightly smaller budget, booster packs may be the way to go.

Like the look of the Steam Siege 3-Pack Blisters?

You can find the Rayquaza one here and the Azelf one here. There are also some other (non-steam siege) ones available here too.

Happy gaming everyone!


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