Auckland Springeddon 2023!

The October Auckland Armageddon is only a couple of weeks away! We've had plenty of interest about what we'll be up to, so we thought we would give you a bit of an update on what we'll be doing!


Tournaments and Events

Once again, Card Merchant will be running the tournament area at Armageddon!

We'll have a free board game library Saturday to Monday, where you can try out games to find your next favourite! We'll also have our friends from Cheeky Parrot Games there doing learn to play for their range of board games on Saturday and Monday. You can find their range of board games here to see what you'd like to give a go!

We'll also have a range of tournaments for the following games: Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic: the Gathering and Grand Archive. You can find details for all the events here.

If you're wanting to learn a new game, we will have learn to play for Grand Archive on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, as well as Pokemon learn to play on Sunday.

The tournament area is not in with the main halls, this will be located in the building by the main gates, on your right as you walk in to the showgrounds, before the ticket gates.


Mystery Boxes

Yes, we will be bringing mystery boxes! We have slightly re-jigged the TCG boxes and given them a brand new look, with 1-in-8 still winning a golden ticket. We've also packed more Pokemon mystery boxes this year, so we're hoping they last longer than Saturday morning this time! We do still expect to sell out of most mystery boxes, so we suggest you stop by in the morning if there's a particular one you really want. We'll be bringing boxes for the following product ranges:

  • Pokemon ($40)
  • Yu-Gi-Oh ($40 and $100)
  • Magic: the Gathering ($40 and $100)
  • Pop! ($40)
  • Board Games ($40 - extended range from last time)
  • D&D ($40 and $100)


Main Stand

We have a bunch of great deals on across the stand. This year we've extended our board game range, so you'll have even more to choose from, as well as brining more of the anime-based card games (One Piece, My Hero Academia etc).

As you've now come to expect, we will also have a tonne of your favourite card games (Pokemon, Magic: the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh) as well as over 500 different pop vinyls as well as a huge range of Pop mystery boxes.

We've also extended our D&D range for this show and are bringing lots of Squishmallows, as well as an expanded accessories range.

We're bringing more to this show than we ever have in the past, so we're able to stock a much more expansive range of all your nerdy needs!



Our friends at PCG (Premier Card Grading) will once again be joining us on our stand. If you have cards you want graded, or if you pull something awesome on the day that you want graded, they'll be there to help you out. You can find out more details here.


See you soon!