How to Support your LGS (without spending a cent!)

The last few months have been unpredictable for individuals, businesses and families. New Zealand came together as a country to ensure we can all enjoy the freedoms we get to again.

During this time, there has been a big push towards supporting local businesses, something we, and every other New Zealand business, appreciate greatly. We have received messages of support, understanding and excitement, which have kept us going through these unprecedented times. As a company, we cannot express our thanks enough to everyone that reached out and sent us a message, came in store, or purchased through our website. We wouldn't be where we are without every one of you.

If you want to continue to enjoy your favourite gaming store (or any store, this will apply to most small businesses), here's some ways you can help support us, without spending a cent. We realise times are tough right now for some, which makes us even more thankful of all the support we get. People can often forget that behind this business, there's a team of real people (*gasp* yes we're not robots!) who pour our lives into making sure you're able to enjoy your favourite hobby, so thank you to everyone who makes the journey an enjoyable one.

With that being said, here's some awesome ways you can help us out:

1. Recommend us to a friend

Like what we do? The biggest thing you can do is recommend us to someone you know! We, along with every other small business, don't have the marketing budget to be able to reach everyone that might like us, so your recommendation is the biggest thing you can do. If you're local to one of our stores, bring a mate in to our next event! We have an open day for the board game library this school holidays, which is a perfect intro to the store for anyone who hasn't been before. You can find details here.

2. Like us on social media

This means you'll be kept up-to-date with our latest events and promotions, which means you can get in on the good deals when they come up! It also helps other people learn about us and help them see us as a trusted company. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram.

3. Let us know where we can improve

Something you'd like to see? Or something you think we can do better? Let us know! Chances are other people have been wanting the same thing, so if you reach out and let us know your suggestions, we can work on making things better.

4. Share a post about us on social media

Want to help your mates get great deals? If you see a great deal you like, post about it! You'll be helping a small business and your mates at the same time. Win-win!


Again, thank you for your support, we will continue to strive to bring you great products at great prices, with a smile on our faces. As always, please get in touch if you need anything from our team. Shop local!


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