Staff Monthly Board Game Rec August - Here to Slay

Continuing on from last month... here is our staff top pick for August!

This month we wanted to highlight a game that was more your cute and family friendly animal involved card game...


Our Pick:

Here to slay!!


Fantasy Card game 30-60 Minutes. 2-6 players. Age 10+ 

Recommended by:

Andrew Caldwell 

Why we chose it:

Who doesn't love cute animal hero's in a fantasy world!!! But you've got to watch out as all of you are going against each other to win. I personally recommend it because its a cute tangent off the Dungeons and Dragons Role play game (As you build your own party with your unique hero's!). My Favorite is the lazy squirrel hero as he literally does nothing... or does he! I'd say this is always worth giving a go!


Similar Games:

 The art style is the same as unstable unicorns (Another great game!). 


If Here to slay sounds great for your friends and family you can pop in store or buy it here!  Or you can check out some of our other staff favourites here!

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