Staff Monthly Board Game Rec July - Escape Room the Game

With the uptick in board game lovers within our customers and our staff we wanted to let you know what we love and learn what games you all love! 

Each month we will be recommending a new game that our staff love to play, telling you why they love it, and in case you also love this game, some similar games to try!

Be sure to let us know in the comments what you think of this months game and other games you would recommend to go with it! 

Our Pick:

Escape Room the Game


Strategy. 60 minutes. 3-5 players. Age 16+ (but there is a Family Edition for Ages 10+)

Recommended by:

Chloe and Evie

Why we chose it:

Escape Room the Game is a great puzzle series that starts off with 4 different Scenarios (plus an introductory room) for you to play through, each at a different difficulty level.  It's a great game to play if your looking to inflect some self induced stress with a ticking timer for about an hour, so perfect for entertaining friends and family this winter! They have also released a family version for ages 10+ which would be great for the school holidays.

Its not great for people who like to solve puzzles at a leisurely pace as the time pressure is constant and there is a penalty for incorrect solutions.

Similar Games:

EXIT The Game from KOSMOS would be our first recommendation for similar games to the Escape room series as these are great puzzle/escape game series that provide a fun challenge! Similarly KOSMOS have made an Adventure Game Series which provide a multitude of fun and challenging puzzles, but also have a larger story line and challenge along side them. 



If Escape Room the Game sounds great for your friends and family you can pop in store or buy it here!  Or you can check out some of our other staff favourites here!

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