Subscription Boxes Are Now Here!

We are so excited to announce we now have subscription boxes for your favourite games! These automatically renew each month, so you can get the latest products or top ups without needing to worry about going to the store!

Why should I get a subscription?
If you play regularly, it can be a handy way to get a top up of booster packs and handy accessories, without having to worry about remembering to order a top-up. We'll also have Subscription Box Exclusive items from time-to-time which will only be available to our customers who order the subscription box. We will also be including some exclusive promo items in some months as well! You also get a bit of a discount off the normal price. It's also a great way for us to introduce you to some new products we have coming in, or even giving something a go that you haven't tried before. 

If you're more of a casual player, it can be excellent to get the box for a couple of months, just to try out some new things and see what you like, then simply cancel your subscription once you've tried a few months, we promise, we don't mind and actually encourage this! You can then top up the things you loved by simply buying the items that worked well for you.

You can also pause your subscription at any point, so if you've got enough of everything you need after a few months, or won't be playing for a couple of months, just pause or cancel your subscription for a month or two and by then, we're sure you'll be needing more!


Can I order just one month and then cancel?

Yes you can. After your order has shipped, just go into your account and cancel your subscription

Can I cancel my subscription after I have paid?

If we have received your payment for a month, that months box will ship. You can cancel or pause your subscription if you don't want to receive the next months box.

What if I don't like what's in the box?

Each month will be a different mix, so some months may suit more than others. We suggest giving the products we've chosen a try, we'll be putting together a mix of new release product and things we think are super useful each month. Unfortunately we don't do exchanges on these items, so if you are after a product in particular, you'll be better off just ordering the product you want. These are ideal if you want a few packs each month, or a top up of accessories, without having to think about it.

You don't have a subscription box for my favourite hobby, how can I get one?

We've started off with subscription boxes for our best selling brands, however if you would like one for a brand that isn't covered (and is part of our regular stock), just send us an email ( If there's enough interest in setting up a new box, we'll make that happen for you!

I want to pick up but it's charging me shipping. How do I pick up?

At the moment, this is a shipping-only service due to some coding and operations limitations. Rest assured, we are working on this and hope to have pick up available very soon! If you're really keen to pick up your order, just send us an email or a message on Facebook (this tends to work better on weekends when emails aren't monitored) and we can manually change your order.

There is also a strange bug that we'll let you in on, if you add any regular product to your cart and then check out, it will let you select pick up. You can add the free activity book to activate this. Just let us know when picking up if you don't actually want the activity book.

Where do I find them?

You can find them on the main menu (just look for Subscription Boxes), or just follow the link below: 

I don't want a box monthly, can I pause my account every other month?

Absolutely! This could be a great idea if you're getting something like the accessories subscription box, but you don't go through sleeves as fast as the average player. We absolutely encourage getting these boxes at the frequency that suits you.

Can I pay with Afterpay?

Unfortunately subscription services aren't an option that Afterpay support. We suggest using Payal as your payment method.


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