Top Board Game Picks

Top Board Game Picks

We've put together our favourite games so you can find your new game of choice!

This may look a little different to other "top 10" lists you've seen out there. That's because these are all based off our own picks of top board games! Scroll down to see our top picks in each category as well as our honourable mentions, to find one that sounds like you!

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Players: 2-4
Time: 20 minutes
This is a card game, so is a great compact game. You work cooperatively with your team mates to defeat the 12 enemies. Perfect for a quick game and a must-have on any board game shelf to support New Zealand creators. At only $19.99, this is also a super affordable game.
Honourable mention: Promote! This is a brand new game from a Kiwi designer that has just recently come in. We haven't had the chance to trial it yet but are looking forward to it!

Players: 2-4 (best with 3)
Time: 40 minutes
You can't have a top board game list without mentioning Catan. It's a new classic. Based around resource management, you must gain supplies to build your empire. There's also a social element to the game as you can trade with other players and work together to cut off your opponents.
Honourable mention: Azul. Pattern based game where you try to gain the tiles you need while also blocking your opponent.

Players: 2+ (best with 3-4)
Time: 60 minutes
These are escape rooms in a box! They're perfect to test your brains and get your puzzling mind going. These games are expertly crafted with a range of different types of puzzles in each, which you must solve to escape the conundrum you've found yourself in. These are a staff favourite and cannot be recommended enough.
We recommend starting with a difficulty rating of 2 and work up from there.
Note: these are one-time use.
Honourable mention: Escape Room games are perfect if you want a re-usable version, however these puzzles aren't quite as well crafted, in our opinion.
Players: 2-4 (more can be added with expansions)
Time: 90 minutes
If you've played Risk or Scythe before, you'll be familiar with war games. Root has a twist though - each player has their own rules. Everyone is working towards a different win condition and has different rules to play by, so it's an ever-changing, very strategic game. If you're getting bored of the traditional war games, this is definitely one to try!
Honourable mention: Scythe. A great war game with a variety of ways to win and plays a little faster than Risk.
Players: 3+ (best with 4-5)
Time: 20+ minutes
You still can't beat the classic when it comes to party games. Cards Against Humanity is a great way to find out that your friends are really awful people and the perfect ice breaker at events where not everyone has met before. There is also now a family edition for those who find the regular version a little too offensive.
Honourable mention: Codenames. A bit more family-friendly, you work in teams to work out clues to claim your cards while avoiding your opponents.
Honourable mention: Exploding Kittens. Russian roulette in a card game!
Players: 5-10
Time: 40 minutes
Work out who of your friends is hiding as Hitler and who is trying to help them get to power. Be careful though, if you elect Hitler as Chancellor, you lose! This is one of the best social deduction games on the market and is a must-have in your board game library.
Honourable mention: Coup. This is a much more affordable deduction game and plays much faster, if you're looking for a 15-minute alternative.
Players: 2-6
Time: 20 minutes
Build an ecosystem where the things you place all work together to bring balance. The more cohesive your ecosystem, the more points you'll get! This game is also very compact, so perfect for taking on trips.
Honourable mention: Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza. Similar to a fast-paced version of snap, this is super easy to learn and quick to play.
Honourable mention: Top Trumps. Quick game where you try to gain all your opponents cards by beating their top stats!
Players: 2-4
Time: 10 minutes
Work together to try and get the $50 Million from the bank vault! Work to quickly pass around tools to the team members who need them. This is a fast-paced electronic game which requires attention and quick wits!
Honourable mention: Pandemic. This ironically has become increasingly popular over the past 2 years. Work together to save humanity from a disease outbreak.
Players: 2+ (best with 1x Dungeon Master and 2-4 players)
Time: 30+ minutes (as long or as short as you like!)
You could argue this isn't a board game, and ok, we guess you're right, but this is the top role playing game in the world for a reason. Create your own world and characters and let them explore! If you're new, we recommend starting with the Starter Set.
Honourable mention: Gloomhaven. This one actually is a board game, for anyone wanting to play an RPG in board game form.
Players: 1-5
Time: 45 minutes
This game is gaining popularity fast. It's a resource management game where you have to balance trying to get as many birds as possible with also ensuring you can use them optimally. Great for anyone wanting to get into more strategy games but not quite ready for the more intense strategy games yet. It's also absolutely beautifully crafted.
Honourable mention: Throw Throw Avocado. The new version of Throw Throw Burrito - but now with avocados!