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Players:  2 Players
Age: 10+
Time: 10-15 minutes


Publisher: Flat Cap Games

Kiwi first-time designers James Smeal and Mark Kaneko took inspiration from Lindy Hop, a swing dance invented in African American communities in 1920s New York City.

Lindyhop the card game allows two players to dance down the music, attempting to stay in sync to score as many points as they can.

Start by dealing out music cards to create the song which players will dance to. They play tricks in the form of dance moves to progress through the song, picking up points as they go. Some of the cards have powers that only activate on specific parts of the music but players can't reveal which cards they hold. Each dance, try to beat your score, but beware, if you run out of dance cards before the music finishes you'll score nothing!

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