100 Random MTG Cards Including 10 Rare

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    100 random magic the gathering cards including 10 rare cards

    Each of these packs comes with 2 colours, please leave a note with your order saying which 2 colours you would like, if no note is left, you will receive 2 colours at random.

    Pack does not contain any basic land cards, but they can be purchased seperately here.

    This is great for new players who want cards to start a deck or for existing players to get some more cards to trade or add to their decks.

    These packs are all sorted by hand and while we try to have as few duplicates as possible per pack, there may still be some duplicates but we do aim to give a really good mix of cards.

    Buying this many cards from boosters would cost around $60! So this is really great value for any at-home player.

    Please note: you may not necessarily receive the cards in the photo, they're just an example of one of the packs.

    - $9.99

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