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Alias Original - Board Game

Alias consists of many cards, each card has 6 words written on it. Each word has a number, from 1 to 6. Words are various - from very easy to very hard. Some are made of several words defining one thing (example: "Silver Medal"). There is also a board with tiles. Each tile is marked with a number from 1 to 6.

Alias is played in teams, usually in teams of 2, but more people are also allowed. The "explainer" must change every turn. Each team gets a figure representing them on the board. Their goal is to get through the board. Each time a figure stops one team member must take cards from the pack (not showing it to the other team member(s)) and explain the words on every card that have the same number as the space their figure landed on. The hourglass (also included) is set just before the team member starts explaining the word. (Looking at the first card and thinking about how to explain the word before the time is set is allowed.)

The Player must get the other team member to say the word that is written on the card by using sentences to describe the word. For example, if the word is "Silver Medal", a player can say "something that a sportsman wins at the Olympic games". But if other team member says just "Medal", it isn't correct. The second player can answer as often as he/she wants until the time runs out. If time runs out or the first player accidentally uses the word which is written in the card, the team loses a turn. 


  • Age: 7+
  • Players: 4-12
  • Playtime: 60 minutes


  • 400 cards
  • Game board  

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