DC Comics: The Joker Premium A5 Notebook

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    "Dear diary, today I tried once again to get Gotham to sink into chaos and terror. Unfortunately, that damn bat foiled my plans as always. If I only knew who was behind that ridiculous mask..." This entry from the Joker's diary stands exemplary for the rest of the mad ramblings found in the "The Joker" Notebook

    Fortunately for you, the madman has used a special ink that is invisible to normal people, so you can just go ahead and write on the seemingly blank pages. Under the embossed cover, adorned with the Joker's visage, there is ample space for shopping lists, poems or plans for world domination. With the help of a book ribbon and a built-in pouch for small things like bus tickets or bills, you will most certainly stay organized and sane. After all, we wouldn't want you to go crazy ;). 

    Bound notebook
    Embossed premium leather cover
    Elastic pencil holder and retaining strap featuring logo slider
    120 pages
    Officially licensed DC Comics merchandise 

    - $19.99

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