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The dingy, lamplit interior and labyrinthine structure of The Shady Nook affords the local thieves guild members the utmost secrecy. But the clandestine nature of their activities is under threat from a large, bat-like creature dubbed The Nook Vampire

  • Drawn by the scent of guilt, the Diaemus — a grotesque, bat-like demon — is both a portent and purveyor of misery.
  • Calling all Game Masters! Inside this box is everything you need to run epic roleplaying encounters with a sadistic Diaemus, with minimal effort.
  • Legend says the Diaemus feeds on guilt, drawn to shady places where dark emotions fester. Does your party have the fortitude to defeat it?
  • Designed to work with the Local Legends Tavern Kit but easily adaptable for any campaign, the Diaemus encounter kit is 5e-compatible and can be used with any fantasy roleplaying game. Just add GM!

 Everything you need to run epic Diaemus encounters 

4 detailed minis
Illustrated battlemap
Complete encounter booklet

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