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Hounded at a Glance

  • An asymmetrical strategy game for two players.
  • Try to last the day as the Fox or go on the hunt as the Master of Hounds and his pack of dogs.
  • A portable, quick, and tightly designed game to take on the go.

Hunter and Hunted: The World of Hounded

The Fox has outlasted a thousand hunters with his swiftness and cunning.

The Master of Hounds never loses his prey.

Step into their shoes for a day, and see who triumphs in the end.

On the Trail: Gameplay Basics

In Hounded, one player controls the Fox, and the other player controls the Master of Hounds and his dogs. The goal is simple: the Fox tries to survive the day, while the Master of Hounds strives to catch him.

The players take turns moving over the randomly placed land tiles. Special effects for each piece and special land tiles add variety to the hunt.

Hounded features unique win conditions for each player. The Fox wins by revealing three time tiles on the board, or by landing on and turning over 43 tiles of any kind. The Master of Hounds wins by trapping the Fox or by forcing the Fox to end a turn in a space adjacent to the Master.

Who will win the day? The hunt is on!

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