Gloomhaven Buttons and Bugs

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1 Player | 20 Mins | Ages 10+

Cephalofair's newest and smallest Gloomhaven experience!

22 Scenario Cards (each scenario is a card, providing 7 1/2 hours of gameplay)
6 Character Cards
6 Character Micro-Miniatures
48 Ability Cards (8 per character)
12 Progressive Player Modifier Cards (2 per character)
2 alternate monster difficulty modifier cards
10 Monster Cards (Dual sided for a total of 20 monsters)
21 Condition Tokens (3 each of 7 conditions)
1 Character HP Dial
2 Modifier Trays (Dual-layered boards)
4 Monster Trays (Dual-layered boards)
1 d6 Modifier Die
14 plastic cubes for tracking on boards (6 black, 1 of each color)
1 reference card

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