Digimon Card Game Series 01 Special Release Booster Box

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    The newest Japanese TCG to hit New Zealand shores, relive old childhood memories or introduce your friends and family to Digimon.

    This first release contains 187 unique cards in the set.

    Each display booster box contains 24 packs of 12 cards.

    This special edition contains a promotional box topper with 2 special promotional cards. As well as 2 Dash packs and 1 Memorial pack!

    Full breakdown of set:

    Please note each booster box contains a random selection of cards.

    Total - 187 types
    12 cards per pack

    ・Common ×69
    ・Uncommon ×50
    ・Rare ×45
    ・Super Rare ×20
    ・Secret Rare ×3

    - $163.20

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