Staff Monthly Board Game Rec September - Wingspan

Here is our staff top pick for September!

This month we wanted to highlight a game that was more strategic! While the art is beautiful and calming, this game can be silently ruthless as you swoop in for the win!


Our Pick:



Strategy Game 40-70 Minutes. 1-5 Players. Age 10+ 

Recommended by:

Evie Tuck

Why we chose it:

I'm sure many of you have already heard of how amazing Wingspan is, but if you haven't, this is definitely a game to check out!  It may be hard to imagine how invested you can get into birds but as you play you will learn exactly which birds you want to add to your habitat, or keep out of your opponents!  There are both cooperative and competitive scoring systems making it easy to tailor to your groups play style! 

Also, because of its Single Player mode it is a great game to grab, no matter how small your bubble may be!

The art on the cards, boards and bird feeder is pretty and all the eggs that they provide you with are really cute as well if you are looking for an athetically pleasing game to add to your collection!

Similar Games:

We have found people who love Wingspan and its expansion also really love Azul!


If Wingspan sounds great for your friends and family you can pop in store or buy it here!  Or you can check out some of our other staff favourites here!

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