Do you know the Card Merchant team??

At Card merchant we are lucky enough to have a team full of hard working, beautiful people that enjoy all the things you do!! From hoards of squishmallows and board game chaos to our boxes and boxes of TCG's, our team really does it all. 

Since socializing is on hold temporary, we thought we'd take this opportunity for you guys to get to know everyone a little better! 


Let's dive in shall we? 


Hi, I'm Chloe. Many of you will have seen me around the place as I was one of the founders of Card Merchant. I now help out part-time with Pokemon and expos. When I'm not plotting to steal red pandas from the zoo (can you tell from my maniacal scheming face in the photo), I enjoy a board game night or a retro game of Pokemon, as I used to play competitively. Exit games are my favourites, but also enjoy the classics like Catan and Carcasonne ;and the new classics like Wingspan and Azul. My favourite thing about the store is our community (cliche, I know, but it's true!), we have a fantastic group of people who are always ready and willing to help out others, which is what's kept me in the industry so long!

Hi Everyone! I'm Evie! I have worked at Card Merchant since 2017 and I love the friendly and welcoming community that all the stores have! My favourite games that the store has would be our Dungeons and Dragons collection and all of the Strategy/Puzzle Board Games!  I have bought way too much of both from the store and probably won't stop any time soon!



Heya, I'm Grant! I'm 23 years old, and I joined the Card Merchant team in the middle of 2021 as the new Manager. Magic the Gathering is my number one passion, I love deckbuilding and also playing almost any format! I also am a level 1 Judge. I'm really interested in the technical interactions in MTG; feel free to ask me anything about the game and I'll do my best to explain it! I love working at Card Merchant because it really lets me connect with our amazing community and allows me to get involved with the game I love.
Hey there! I'm Milan :D 
I'm the Assistant Manager at the West City store. I'm an avid Flesh and Blood player, (semi) Magic the Gathering Player and a Pop Vinyl enthusiast! 
I've been with Card Merchant for an accumulative of 2 years now; it offers such a homey feeling to go to when you're away from home. You can always come in and talk to players or even find the newest pop culture items!
My name is Andrew Caldwell. I am 25 years old and been into card games and nerdism's since I can remember. I play Magic the Gathering and waaaaaaaayyy too much DND, If that is even possible? 
I love working at Card Merchant because it builds a network that I can connect with people that share similar hobbies with me. I get to play with people outside my regular play group for Magic and I get to hear about weird and wonderful stories that happen to people in their own DND campaigns. 
I like to think im friendly, approachable and have a sense of humor.
Hey, it's Greg! I've been playing tabletop games and CCG/TCGs for most of my life - started with D&D 30 years ago (moved into dabbling with various TTs through school), been playing Magic for 25 (A few others too)! Occasionally managed to fit some board gaming into it all somehow too! I know - it's a more cliché backstory than your average rogue, but hardly surprising I'm here at Card Merchant. Getting to play the games I love plus working in the same place is awesome - I love hearing the newest spicy tech for Commander and the shenanigans that have happened in your games (especially D&D)! You may need to remind me that I need to update my Commander decks and actually paint all those miniatures I have though...
Kia ora tātou!! It's Miette! I'm one of the newest members to the Card merchant family! Usually I'm hiding out back doing all the sneaky admin/stock work but occasionally they let me out the front! You can usually find me cruising in store for a cheeky game of MTG Commander (or cracking some fresh boosters). I do also enjoy all the whacky card games that come through, Cards against humanity is a favorite of mine! Plus, like many other amazing people, I dabble in the world of DnD (Can never go wrong with being a little chaotic neutral, or can you?)! 
Im Kieran aka Kezza aka Miguel Sanchez! I'm a graphic designer, film buff, communist and Yu-Gi-Oh! fan.
I'm always caught between watching obscure movies and speaking at communist rallys, but I usually end up spending far too much being mediocre at Yu-Gi-Oh! I'm also known to do well when I play something meta compared to my usual fourth rate trash.
I'm Lucas! The resident enby and (legit good) Yu-gi-oh player who signed on to CM last year. As someone who spends most waking minutes doing combos in their head, I'm happy I get to obsess over TCGs with customers, especially  new players who get to learn all the terrible things you can do in Yu-gi-oh. 
I also collect squishmallows, I promise the lack of stock is not entirely because of me! 
My name is Cayley and I love all things DND, cosplay and superheroes. I love working at Card Merchant because it connects me to other like minded people and I get to run events for things that I love. I get to see people get excited talking about their passions and help people find new ones! 
Hi there, I'm Georgia! I am a 3rd year uni student at AUT and have been working at Card Merchant for about 2 years. I run the Digimon events on Saturdays and love to see to the players whenever they come in to visit. I love seeing the regulars come in and I have a tendency to have a nice chat with them as I help them find what they are after. I also have a weekly games night with a group of my mates so if you ever need advice about the board games we have in store I'm always happy to give you recommendations! 

The people of card merchant all agree on one thing, we couldn't be here today if it wasn't for the amazing community, that's you! 


We're all very grateful for the support all our stores receive from our customers, although we maybe a pretty rad bunch, you guys are the cherry on top. Can't wait to see you all instore again, creating all the wonderful moment's you can!!

Stay safe out there, Kia Kaha - Card merchant team <3

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