Level 3 FAQs
Level 3 Frequently Asked Questions!
We're excited to be moving to level 3 on Wednesday so thought we'd answer some of the questions you might have.
Does this mean I can pick up my order?
Yes! Please wait for the email with instructions for exact times, days and instructions for the store you are collecting from.
Does this mean events are back?
Not in store events, but we will continue to run the online events. In-store events may resume in level 2 with strict protocols. This will be decided once we enter level 2.
But... can we secretly play FNM if we promise not to tell anyone?
Well if you promise.... Na jokes, unfortunately we're not allowed to run any in-person events but we'd love for you to join our discord and find some other players to play some remote games with!
Can we look around the store?
The stores are closed in level 3, but you can shop on the website and we'll put up some tours of the store so you can still have a look at your favourite sections. We can also take photos of specific products if you need a closer look
How long will it take for my click & collect order to be ready?
For all orders not containing pre orders: At the WestCity store, orders will generally be ready within 4 hours if the order is placed between 9am-1pm. At the Takapuna store, allow 3-5 working days as the orders are transferred from the Westcity store (to avoid this delay, you can shop on the Kids & More website, as this is linked to the Takapuna stock). Please note these times are indicative only and may vary based on demand and the size of your order. Please wait for the email saying your order is ready for collection before coming to the store.
How do I collect my order?
The stores have slightly different processes, this will be outlined in the email sent to you. For WestCity you need to call the store and have your order number ready. For Takapuna you must present the email with your order confirmation through the window. Please refer to the email for more details.
Will your hours remain the same?
No. Please refer to the email you receive when your order is ready. At minimum, we have click & collect available Wednesday-Saturday 9am-1pm at both stores. Please check the email you receive for the exact hours for the store for that week.
Can we trade in singles?
No, we will be resuming singles trade-in at level 2
Can we chat to the staff when we pick up our orders?
Unfortunately not. Pick ups must be contactless so our staff won't be able to have a chat with you, as much as we want to! But we're very much looking forward to having you back in store soon! 
How do I scan in when I collect my order?
For Takapuna, you can scan the QR code on the window. For WestCity, there's no need to leave your car, however if you'd like to scan, each pick up order will contain a flyer, you can scan our QR on that!

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